Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tile Paintings

Redtail Hawk, oil on pink, grey, and black granite, 4x4 inches.

Soaring - Great Egret, oil on cream marble, 4x4 inches.

Jay, oil on white, grey, and black granite, 4x4 inches.

Sapsucker, oil on cream marble, 4x4 inches.
Here are more tile paintings, all of these are 4x4 inches and have a gold edging. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Keeping Paint

So, I just wanted to show off the palette/paint keeper I've been using - "Master's Touch 45 well sealable palette with lid" - it's like Tupperware for paints. I have my most common colors in it and when I'm done I put it in the freezer. Some of the colors (not all, of course) are still fresh maybe 8 months later. Other colors I have to refresh more frequently, but it's nice having all available colors visible.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Facebook Page and Updates

If you haven't already, please go ahead and visit my Facebook page and click "like" to get updates.  I will also be running some auctions on some of my paintings and I will be posting these on Facebook as they become available.  As of right now, I have the 4 tiles listed below available, and I will be posting new items frequently.  Also, please check out my Etsy site, listed on the right-hand bar, for more available paintings

Facebook: Linda Merchant - Wildlife and Contemporary Realism

Friday, August 2, 2013

Tile Miniatures

I've finished up a few more of the granite and marble tile paintings, these are all 4x4 inches, painted in oil.  They have been edged in gold, and can be displayed on a tile easel or framed.

Cougar, oil on pink, grey, and black granite tile, 4x4 inches.

Tiger, oil on black grey and pink granite tile, 4x4 inches.

Night Owl, oil on black, grey, and white granite tile, 4x4 inches.

Egret, oil on white, grey-striated marble, 4x4 inches.